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Birthstone for April: Diamond

The April birthstone is diamond. Diamonds are amongst the most sought after and important gemstones, with many factors contributing to their demand. Their unique physical properties include a high adamantine lustre possessed by few other gemstones. The anatomical structure makes it the hardest known substance, making it ideal not only for jewellery, but for industrial machinery.

Due to its rare structure, the cutting of a diamond has been perfected to create a set of ideal proportions. These proportions coupled with the high refractive index results in the vibrant ‘fire’ which diamonds are known for.

The quality of a diamond is based on the four C’s:

  • Colour – ranging from colourless to yellow/brown.

  • Clarity – how free from inclusions the stone is.

  • Cut – the shape the stone has been fashioned into.

  • Carat weight – how much the stone weighs.

The above is carefully considered when grading a diamond, as these factors heavily influence the price of the stone.

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