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Don't know what to buy?

Narrow down your choice by matching jewellery you like to birthstones (which vary by country) or choose a gift for a wedding anniversary

Type your gemstone into the 'Search Site' box

January: garnet

February: amethyst

March: aquamarine

April: diamond

May: emerald

June: pearl, moonstone, alexandrite

July: ruby

August: peridot

September: sapphire, lapis lazuli

October: tourmaline, opal

November: topaz, citrine

December: turquoise, tanzanite, zircon

Aquarius: garnet

Pisces: amythest

Aries: bloodstone

Taurus: sapphire

Gemini: agate

Cancer: emerald

Leo: onyx

Virgo: carnelian

Libra: chrysolite

Scorpio: beryl

Sagittarius: topaz

Capricorn: ruby

Sunday: topaz, diamond
Monday: pearl, crystal
Tuesday: ruby, emerald
Wednesday: amethyst, lodestone
Thursday: sapphire, carnelian
Friday: emerald, cat's eye
Saturday: turquoise, diamond

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