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Selling your antiques


You’ll have watched ‘Antiques Roadshow’, ‘Cash in the Attic’, ‘Flog It!’ 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is', ‘Bargain Hunt’, or any number of antiques programmes on TV. You’ll have been excited by the rare finds, but depressed by the frequent disappointments. And of course, the experts have filtered out hundreds of beloved possessions to find the few screen-worthy antiques with a saleable back story. But what have you got that might sell? Invite us in to have a look.


Your selling options


Why us? When you’ve got an antique you’re not sure about, you can take it to a local dealer, put in into an auction or sell it yourself on eBay. We offer honesty and objectivity and several options: a Commission Sale, selling for cash or getting us to put it on eBay – and us coming in doesn’t stop you then approaching a dealer, or putting it into an auction yourself. Or the final option: keeping it.


Why bother?


The pleasure of de-cluttering appeals to some; the chance of getting some cash ‘for nothing’ appeals to most of us. Why wait until you are too old to do anything and leave it to your children to sort out?


Selling your antiques for cash


We come and examine the items(s) you might want to sell. We can also look at things you don’t want to sell, but want to know more about. We go away and do some homework before giving you our opinion about the best way to sell each item. If we are prepared to buy the antiques, we’ll give you a price for each item. We’ll also give you the option of a Commission Sale on our website, or suggest that an auction might be better.


Selling at auction


The most likely outcome is that there will be some items we will buy for cash; some we suggest selling on our website; some you should auction (a traditional auction or eBay); and some we really don’t think will sell, or aren’t valuable enough.


What about the unfashionable or low-value stuff?


We’ve been surprised how many people can change from being hoarders to givers. Once you know you are not giving away vital retirement money, then you can give something that’s been sitting in the dining room for 30 years to your children and grandchildren. They’ll be hankering after something of yours, so give it to them. Wrap it up at Christmas. OK, so they don’t like anything. That leaves the charity shop or the car boot sale. Or give it all to them and say, ‘Go ahead, sell it on eBay and keep whatever you make!’.




Each item is thoroughly checked (e.g. for gold quality or restoration work) before we agree a price and if we think some repairs would be cost effective, we will tell you. We can sometimes arrange repairs. You keep your antiques until they are sold, then we pay you and collect each item which we insure and dispatch. We keep a maximum of 10% of the selling price – there’s a sliding scale for high value items and a minimum charge of £20 for items less than £200.

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