AiO 143162 Arts and Crafts polychrome enamel necklace 3.jpg

Tracy, Northumberland

"The necklace is lovely.

I love it already so definitely don't want to part with it"

AiO 243905 01.JPG

Andy, Suffolk

"I think it's excellent,

and hope the birthday girl? thinks so too


AiO 243559 01.jpg
AiO 143125 Art nouveau gold and ruby bar brooch 1.jpg

Jean, Middlesex

"My brooches safely delivered today.

Both are beautiful and I am very pleased"

AiO 243741 01.JPG
AiO 143273 01.jpg

Julia, Somerset

"Thank you Valerie, I have the jug and it’s lovely"

Janeta, Mitcham

"The brooch was bought on Tuesday afternoon and we received it early today Wednesday"

Valuation and sales advice

for Lauren, Abingdon

"Ihank you very much for your time.

I really appreciate your advice and plan

to do what you suggested."

Frances, London

"Many thanks - it’s arrived safely and made a very successful present; my partner is delighted!  It’s beautiful.!"


Henk, Netherlands

"It is a nice stirrup cup that fits the purpose well. Thanks for all your efforts. They are really appreciated!"

Susie Cooper Art Deco coffee pot

Kumie, Japan

"The Susie Cooper coffee pot is absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for smooth business!"

AiO 143312 Liberty & Co Silver Pendant n

Vanda, Bedfordshire

"My necklace has just arrived. Thank you so much, it is beautiful. Thanks for all your help and assurances while I was purchasing it."

AiO 243739 01.JPG

Janine, Floria, USA

" Earrings arrived and I love them. They are even nicer in person than on your website."

AiO 243780a 01.JPG

Simon, Harpenden

" Many thanks - I received the earrings ahead of Christmas, and my wife really likes them."

AiO 243557 01.jpg

Thierry, Belgium

" The Omar Ramsden bowl arrived safely and in good shape. The packing was outstanding!"

AiO 143333 03.jpg

Annabelle, Worcester

"The cuff links are really very beautiful, I’m over the moon."

AiO343160 01.JPG

Ian, Cheadle, Cheshire

"Lovely little items which I couldn’t be more pleased with. Another item to add to my ever increasing Sampson Mordan collection."

AiO 243537 01.jpg

Alison, Powys, Wales

"The butterfly is gorgeous, I am delighted."

Sarah, Forfar

"Thank you for sending them so promptly.

A pretty stupendous set!"

143037 Vintage celluloid alligator lette

Carol, Oxfordshire

"Just received the crocodile, it's great - that's my husband's Xmas pressie done.!"

Japanese champlevé silver and enamel buttons. Marked ‘jungin’ pure silver Meiji period

Irene, Sunderland

"The buttons are great. Let me know when you have some more interesting buttons"

AiO 343001 01.jpg

Martin, Oxford (Commission sale)

"Absolutely delighted with the proce you got for my set"

AiO 143439 01.jpg

Charles, Teddington

"Safely received and very pretty. I will keep an eye on your site for future gifts!"

AiO343196 02.JPG

Evelyn, British Columbia, Canada

" I received the rose quartz ring yesterday and it is just beautiful. Thank you so much, I will really enjoy it; it fits perfectly. I will continue to look at your beautiful items."

AiO 243729 01.JPG

Paul, Belgium

"We received the Jensen salt yesterday in the best conditions. Good job from all."

AiO343158 01.JPG

Hadrian, Surrey

"Many thanks again, the ring is splendid"

AiO 243508 01.jpg

Zaneta, Mitcham, Surrey

"The brooch is beautiful. My colleague will love it. Thank you so much for everything."

AiO 243423 01.jpg

Hannah, Brighton, Sussex

“The silver box is gorgeous! When my daughter is old enough to understand, I’m sure she will treasure it.”

AiO 243593 01.jpg

Judith, Canterbury, Kent

“The pendant/brooch is lovely and I am delighted with it! Thank you very much. It will find a place in my collection.”

Silver basting spoon by Elizabeth Eaton. London 1848

Stephen, Sidmouth

"My wife is delighted to have a spoon with her own family crest - thank you for creating the opportunity"

Staffordshire feldspathic porcelain Lord Nelson commemorative jug c.1805

Sharon, London

"I am delighted with it. Even better than I thought. Many thanks for your impressive efficiency."

Royal Worcester tiny jug hand painted with forget-me-nots and dated for 1896. 35mm high

Glyn, Worcester

"The jug arrived today. Very pleased. Thank you so much"

Lucie Rie button
143217 Set of six large silver buttons.j

Hélène, London

"Brooch is looking just as I’d hoped, so many thanks for very prompt posting - am delighted!"

Edwardian silver sovereign case

Richard, Newbury

"It is actually even better than I hoped it would be and I am delighted!"

Art Deco glass and enamel ink well 1920


"IIt has just arrived and it is gorgeous! I was so worried about buying online and also about having something like this posted - but is is wonderful"

AiO 143313 Arts and Crafts Silver brooch

Richard, Loughborough

"Brooch received in the post morning. Looks great. Thank you very much.”

AiO 243555 01.jpg

Margaret, Stoke-on-Trent

"I am very pleased with it. It will make a lovely addition to my collection."

AiO 143102 Pair of ruby and diamond ear

Peter, Czech Republic

Earclips are beautiful. I have decided to give it to my wife as Christmas gift. I am sure she will like this beautiful earrings."


AiO 143198 Schoffel & Co Austria ear rin

Susan, Romford

"Necklace and earrings arrived this morning, thank you! They’re more beautiful in real life!"

AiO343216 02.JPG

Puisan, Hamilton, Scotland

"Thank you for promptly sending out the ring. It has brightened my Friday!"

see my Instagram post

AiO343155 01.JPG

Alexandra, Somerset

"I love the ring!  It’s so unusual and really lovely.  It fits perfectly too!"

AiO 143333 03.jpg

Annabelle, Worcester

“The cuff links are really very beautiful, I’m over the moon with them.”

AiO 243741 01.JPG

Zaneta, Mitcham, Surrey

"It's beautiful.
Thank you for your fabulous service."

Rare Christian Dior Necklace and Ear Ring Set. 1958

Annita, Netherlands

"Georgeous set, I just received. I just love that era of Dior jewellery. Will wear this one with pride"

Miniature hand-painted Mintons loving cup 1891-1902. 3.2cm high

Margot, USA

"The miniature is perfect. Thank you."