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Renting jewellery and other antiques


We can hire out all the jewellery we own for weddings, balls, corporate events or other special occasions. We have lots more items available for hire than you will find on our website. We charge 1% of the retail value per day (or part day). There’s a minimum charge of £50. You give us a fully refundable deposit before you take the items and you should take out temporary insurance cover in case you damage it or lose them.

Although jewellery is the most popular type of antique that we rent, you may also want to rent silverware, glass or other decorative items. You want to buy your partner a dinner cooked by a renowned chef? The boss is coming to dinner? Well, make sure the dinner is even more special with rented solid silver cutlery and a whole range of antique silver items and glassware to make your table sparkle.

Solid silver cutlery for rent
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