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How can I buy from you?

If you live in the UK, you can buy online using PayPal. Overseas buyers need to contact us for shipping costs first then will be able to buy online using PayPal.  Contact details on our contact page.

How can I find out more about an item you have on sale?

Please send us an e-mail or phone us. We'll try to help.

Can I hire antiques from you?

Yes you can. Find out more here, or contact us

Can you tell me how much something is worth?

Often we can. Have a good search on Google first, then mail us some high quality photos for a free valuation.

I've inherited a lot of stuff. Will you come and have a look at it?

Yes, we will. We travel across the UK from our base in Oxfordshire. If you live more than 50 miles away, we'd naturally want to have a chat first. We can then value what you have and, if you want, help you sell some of it.

What do you specialise in?

Antiques such as silver, jewellery, ceramics, glassware, and a wide range of collectables. We don’t handle things that ‘work’ like clocks or guns, though we do have some watches. We will consider bulky items such as furniture and carpets in the context of an Estate Disposal or where you have to sell a large number of items.

Can I put my antiques up for sale on your website?

Yes you can. We call this a Commission Sale. We can also buy antiques for cash or auction them on eBay (if you're not happy doing that yourself.

Can you help me buy a good quality antique?

We can help you find something if you have an idea what you're looking for, or suggest a suitable gift, but we don't give investment advice. We can also inspect antiques you are thinking of buying and even buy them for you.

How do I know your antiques are genuine?

Our experience is what we rely on. 40+ years in the trade. We've seen lots of fakes and fake marks. Of course, the fakers are getting smarter and no one can be 100% sure of anything any more, but we will take back any item you are unsure about. 'Condition' is also a vital part of antique-buying. We try to provide photos that show up every scratch and dent so you know what you're getting.

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