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Searching for an antique?

We all use Google, but it's not always easy to find what you're looking for. Particularly if it is rare or seldom sold. We cannot promise to find what you are looking for, but we monitor many auctions and with our network within the trade, we may be able to help. Talk to us about what you like and we'll start hunting. No promises, but the hunt won't cost you anything.


Helping you to buy well


Buying at auction is not for everyone. How much should I pay? Is it genuine? Has it got faults? Will I really get it at one increment over the underbidder? Will I get carried away on the day? We can take you through the process and show you how it works. We can check out an item and bid on your behalf up to your agreed maximum. When you win, we can collect your new acquisition and send it to you.


The experienced buyer


Ah! So, you are an experienced buyer at auction. But can you get to both the viewing (to check the items out) and the auction yourself? Do you want the auction house and rival collectors to know it’s you bidding? Can you trust the auctioneer’s condition report? Do you believe the Auction House’s specialists are as knowledgeable as you are in checking and photographing the lot? If there are several lots, how do you judge which one might enhance your own collection? When you win, can you collect your lots?


Condition reports


We can help. From our base in Oxford, we can easily get to auctions in London, the Midlands and Southern England. We produce condition reports backed up with detailed photographs. We can look for the particular marks or details you know about, things that the Auction House might have missed.


What do we cover?


We can inspect and act as your Auction Agent for smaller items such as silver, gold, jewellery, ceramics, glass and a wide range of collectables. We won’t inspect things that ‘work’ like clocks, watches, guns, or musical instruments, nor some categories of antique that are routinely faked like old master oil paintings and Georgian furniture. We’ll tell you if we don’t have the necessary expertise.


Commission bids


We can however act as your Auction Agent for clocks, watches or guns as well as items such as paintings and furniture, but without any input into the condition or provenance of the lots(s). This service will suit those who can inspect an item themselves, or are otherwise happy with the lot ‘as sold’, but choose not to bid in person or online. Anonymity cannot increase a price you will pay at an auction, but it may help you secure a lot at a lower price than if you were sitting there enthusiastically raising your own paddle. And we won’t go beyond your limit. You just might!

Investing in antiques


We will never give you a formal recommendation about which antiques you should buy as an investment. If we were that confident, we’d be doing it ourselves. Probably the best service we can offer you, is to put you off! On the other hand, our advice will always be the same and comes free: Only buy what you like. Buy quality. Buy big names. Buy rarity. Buy the very best you can afford.

Helping you choose a present

We can certainly give you some ideas. For instance, what about a birthstone or a antique to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

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