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Free informal valuations


We are happy to do the detective work and provide an informal valuation for free if you e-mail us some photographs and anything you know about the item. Take a few photos in good light. As well as photos of the whole item, please take close-up photos of any marks or signatures. Make sure to show any damage or repairs. Weigh anything that might be gold or silver. Sometimes it can be a good idea to include a ruler in a photo, or just give us the size.

Virtual valuation service

We have established a new remote virtual valuation service so that you can request an appointment with us. You can book a time to be online with us via a smartphone or tablet via a video messaging app of your choice, either FaceTime or Zoom.


You show us the items you wish to have valued. Have a light nearby to shine on the items. Make sure you show us any special marks you have found or any obvious areas of damage or repair. Condition is always critical to any valuation. If it is silver or gold, then please weigh it.


We will guide you with questions about what features of each item we need to see, such as size, condition, signatures, marks. If there is an original box or any backup paperwork or provenance (i.e. its history) then please show us these too. Imagine you are on Antiques Roadshow or Flog It!  Please check it is complete, as missing parts may be somewhere else in a drawer!


We  may ask you to send some images by email (or to Dropbox) so that we can study them further before we give you our expert opinion. We will always need to physically handle potentially valuable items as hairline cracks and expert repairs are very difficult to spot on a photo. Expert fakes can also be difficult to spot online.


Valuation visit to your property

Following government distancing guidelines we are now able to arrange to visit a propertv within 50 miles of Oxford (UK) to carry out a standard valuation services. Your safety is a key priority and we have adapted how our clients can access our valuations service so that we can continue to provide help and advice.

If you decide to sell any items after our valuation, then we are usually able to offer cash up to £2,000 on the day of our visit.

Valuations for insurance, divorce and probate


We offer a valuation service for insurance purposes; valuations for divorcing couples and for those going through the nightmare of probate.

Find out more about our valuation services


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Sellling your antiques   and Commission Sales

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