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November birthstone: Citrine

Citrine is derived from the Latin word ‘citrina,’ meaning ‘yellow’. Citrine is a part of the wider ‘Quartz’ family, as the rarest member with colours ranging from very pale yellow to brownish-orange hues. The main producer and supplier of citrine is Brazil, with further deposits found in Russia, France and the USA.

Ancient Romans were known to have used citrine in their jewellery to symbolise success and good fortune. Citrines were loved by Queen Victoria and she often wore them in her jewellery, as it reminded her of her Scottish home at Balmoral. Traditionally, back in the 17th Century, citrines decorated the hilts of daggers belonging to Scottish warriors.

Gifted on a 13th wedding anniversary, to represent joy and happiness.

The largest faceted citrine is named the ‘Malaga,’ weighing 20,200 carats.

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