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Do you have any of these old items??

Costume jewellery

Gold and silver jewellery

Silver items

Medals and militaria

Writing instruments,





Masonic regalia


Advertising signs


Vintage homeware






Are you having a spring clear out

Have you been left too much stuff

There’s more to decluttering than simply creating a tidy space. Clearing your home offers a ton of mental and physical benefits, including improved sleep and greater creativity while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety.

Whether your children have flown the nest or you are looking for a home that's easier to maintain, downsizing is a great opportunity for consolidating your trinkets.

Take your time

Give yourself plenty of time to clear items from each room. This will stop you from making any decisions you'll regret later down the line.

Consider your new layout

Smaller homes have less space for storage and furniture. So, with some planning, you can avoid transporting items you'll later dispose of.

Make 'yes' and 'no' piles

It's time to scrap that 'maybe' pile and make some decisions.

Have you sadly lost a loved one?

Grief is a journey that affects everyone differently and should never be rushed. Take your time

Begin the clearing process slowly, starting with the least sentimental items. For example, books can be set aside for a charity shop and clean towels for a local animal shelter.

Speak with friends and family

Find out if anybody has sentimental ties to any item and consider gifting them as a reminder of your loved one's presence.

Donate or sell

Find a way to dispose of unwanted items in a way your family member would appreciate, e.g. if they loved animals, donate some things to a local RSPCA charity shop.

There are millions of ways to fund your activities. But the simplest way to do this is by cashing in on unwanted vintage items that are collecting dust around your home.

Fancy having a go? Then here are our top tips for getting started:

Start with one room

Work your way from one side of a room to the other, checking inside all those nooks and crannies. Then, ask yourself when you last used each item.

The 'joy' test

Question whether each item you keep brings joy. If it doesn't, place it in that 'no' pile along with your other bits and bobs.

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