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A small piece of slip-decorated earthenware called mochaware, adorned with dendritic (tree-like or branching) markings resembling the natural geological markings on moss agate, known as "mocha stone" in Great Britain in the late 18th century. The stone was imported from Arabia through the port of Mocha (al Mukha in Yemen) from whence came large supplies of coffee. An unknown potter or turner discovered that by dripping a coloured acidic solution into wet alkaline slip on a pot body, the colour would instantly ramify into the dendritic random markings that fit into the tradition of imitating geological surfaces prevalent in the potteries of that period.

9.6cm (3¾ in) by 5cm (2in) at its widest.

Condition good except there are tiny bits of missing glaze on the rim and base.


Mocha decorated pottery with dendritic design

SKU: 143078
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