A mid 19th century 18ct gold citrine brooch with cannetille work. French re-strike marks. Length 7.4cms. 18gms.

Overall condition good. Some evidence of minor repairs/ alterations.

Estimated dimensions of central oval-shape citrine 15 x 12 x 5.8mm.

Citrines generally well matched, in good condition with minor abrasions.

French 18ct gold re-strike marks. The mark in question is the French restrike mark for 18ct gold. It is slightly indistinct but it depicts an owl with ‘75’, to signify the 75% gold purity. Sometimes you will see the owl without the numbers but this is the French assay mark. It is not uncommon for the pin to be a different colour to the main metal of the brooch.

Width 5.3cm.


Mid-19th century 18ct gold brooch

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