Fabulous large Art Nouveau Mintons secessionist period earthenware vase designed by John Wadsworth. Tapering, cylindrical form with flared foot, nipped in at the top and flared rim. Dark olive green ground with swags and vibrant red stylised flowers with turquoise and white ‘spots’ with dark green tube lined decoration. Marked to the base stamped Minton Ltd and No 1, impressed Mintons and date cypher for 1910 and incised design number 3651

Height: 29cm (11 in)

Width at base: 12.2cm (4 3/4 in)

Width at rim: 9.5cm (3 1/2in)

Condition is very good with no damage or restoration. Surface wear is light.


Large Minton Secessionist No.1 Vase 1910

SKU: 143047

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