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Cutlery purchased in the 1960s with the post-1945 Jensen mark. All the cutlery is in ‘Continental’ design with initials for S.W.S. This service was designed by Georg Jensen himself and was the first major cutlery range to emerge from the fledgling silver smithy set up in 1904. In designing this Jensen was inspired by traditional and centuries old Nordic tools and implements. The lightly hammered surface enhances the design giving it depth and a unique beauty exclusive to silver. The design is sometimes called ‘Antique’ rather than ‘Continental’. The service is in excellent original condition.

This is top quality Sterling silver flatware by one of the most important silversmiths of the 20th century. There are 60 pieces. There are old anti-tarnish cutlery rolls with original Georg Jensen name address.

12 large knives (the stainless-steel blades have the Georg Jensen name)

12 large forks

12 dessert forks

12 large soup spoons

12 large teaspoons

This service can be augmented by one or more of the other Georg Jensen services we have on offer.


Georg Jensen cutlery c.1965 in ‘Continental’ or ‘Antique’ design

SKU: Vane31
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