Arts & Crafts silver and 15ct gold, tourmaline, split pearl and gem-set brooch, attributed to Dorrie Nossiter.

A stunning silver and 15ct gold and gem set brooch. Handmade brooch set with pink and green tourmalines, split pearls and other gems, attributed to Dorrie Nossiter. Not all the gems can be tested due to size and setting restrictions but they include a very pale pink gem and several pale yellow gems, possibly spodumene. Possibly sapphires or green beryl with  golden beading and leaves.

Principal tourmaline calculated weight 2.35cts, based on estimated dimensions of 10.2 by 7.5 by 4.8mms. Total tourmaline about 10ct. Diameter 4cms. 16.6gms.

Overall condition good. Some surface scratches and slight general discolouration in keeping with wear.  Possible replacement clasp.

Tourmaline are a slightly varied medium pink and well matched deep medium green hue.


Dorrie Nossiter silver and 15ct gold, tourmaline, split pearl and gem-set brooch

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