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Complete bound volumes from Issue one till 1934. Plus unbound magazines for the late 1930s including 1937 Coronation Issue. Excellent condition.



Some of the contents:

Some of the contents:

Edward Ardizzone 1930s

Major George Denholm Armour WW1  13 1 15 sig G.DARMOUR

Lewis Baumer First cartoon 1897 more than 50 years

George Belcher Punch Almanac 1906, Punch 1911

Charles Henry Bennett

Nicholas Bentley 11 4 34

Alfred Bestall post war

Richard (Dicky) Doyle cover of first issue, masthead 1843-1850 monogram of ‘dickie bird’

Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird) WWI 1916. Editor 1937 1930s - advertising posters for Imperial Airways (?)

P Fraser Dec 14

Harry Furniss 1880

Sir Francis Carruthers Gould sig FCG Joseph Chamberlain

Archibald Henning designed the cover of the magazine's first issues 1841 – summer 1842 11 drawings to first volume

Leslie Gilbert Illingworth 1927 Big Cut political cartoon

Charles Keene 1850s-1890s low life

(Gavin) Graham Laidler Sig

John Leech Cartoon No. 1 (7 August 1841 Foreign Affairs to 1864 (

A.W. Lloyd 1920/1

George Du Maurier

Phil May 1890 sig PHIL MAyyear  regular 1896

Arthur Wallis Mills occasional cartoonist 1910 Suffragette 1910 sig a.Wallis Mills

Benjamin Edwin Minns 1895-1915 Australian

George Morrow 1906 2704

Sir John Bernard Partridge staff 1891 chief cartoonist 1910 sig Bernard Partridge

Frederick Pegram sig Fred. Pegram 30 Dec 14

Roger Gamelyn Pettiward pseudonym Paul Crum 21 7 37 sig spiral I keep thinking it’s Tuesday

John Phillips an illustrator in the first edition

Arthur Rackham 15 11 1905Doctor’s Visit -1912 Peter Pan

Leonard Raven-Hill Dec 1895 1901 joined staff as junior political cartoonist

Frank Reynolds Mar 15

Edward Linley Sambourne sig

E. H. (Ernest Howard) Shepard humour (Winnie the Pooh) ~1904 Testing of a Patriot 1915 Punch 1921 for 33 years sig Ernest H Shepard

C. A. Shepperson Oct 14 sig CAshepperson

Sir John Tenniel Principal Political cartoonist Christmas 1850 joint cartoonist with John Leech p. 224, vol. xix.

F. H. (Frederick Henry) Townsend Aug 14 sig F.H. Townsend year 14 1 14 Churchill

Arthur George Watts DSO 1929? 12 7 33 skiing 2 1931

William Makepeace Thackeray 1843-1854 The Snob Papers, serialised 1846/7.

P.G. Wodehouse Sherlock Holmes Parodies. 

Thomas Hood's poem "Song of the Shirt" 1843

R.C. Lehmann’s “Picklock Holes

Douglas Jerrold July 1950 Great Exhibition ‘Palace of very crystal’ Crystal Palace

Sellar and Yeatman 1066 and All That September 1930

George and Weedon Grossmith The Diary of a Nobody

Complete set of Leather-bound Punch Magazine Volumes

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