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A pair of natural Jadeite ear rings consisting of three interlocking round rings or links dangling from gold post fittings. The jadeite is translucent, mottled green natural untreated Jadeite. A rare pair of earrings as only a master carver can carve an interlocking chain from one piece of Jadeite Jade. It is believed interlocking chain links are impossible to make by human hands and thus has often been referred to as the Devil’s work, which explains its rarity.

Entire jadeite drop of 3.7cm (1½in)

Drop with gold fitting is 4.6cm (1¾ in)

Middle ring is wider at 0.7cm (¾in) while the top and bottom rings are 0.4cm (¼in)

The diam. of the rings 1.7cm (¾in)

Weight: 12gm

Excellent condition.


Antique Jadeite ear rings

SKU: 143164
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