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What should you look for when buying a ring?

The most important thing to consider when buying a ring is taste of the person you are buying it for. Whether you go for a regal sapphire and diamond cluster ring like the Duchess of Cambridge or a classic diamond single stone ring make sure you consider her taste.

If you would like to pick the ring yourself, there are important factors to consider. It might be worth talking to a close friend or family member of hers.

Ask yourself:

a) What type of jewellery does she currently wear?

b) Does she favour silver, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum pieces?

c) Has she mentioned whether she likes the idea of an antique piece with history?

d) Does she have a favourite colour? Maybe you can incorporate that into the ring.

Top tips.

When buying diamonds, you are advised to consider the “four cs”

Carat – You will see this abbreviated to “ct” in descriptions.

Clarity – The best clarity is IF (internally flawless, meaning there are no inclusions visible even to the most experienced grader) and the most included stones are described as I3 (obvious inclusions, visible to the unaided eye).

Colour – the most perfect and expensive diamonds are “colourless”. It is also described on a scale with the rarest colour being D and the more tinted stones coming in at M and N.

Cut – The modern round brilliant cut is by far the most popular cut when it comes to diamonds but the emerald cut (rectangular) is also popular.

Gemstones to pick

Some gemstones are less suited for every-day wear than others. Here are some that will hold up to the rigours of daily life:

Sapphire (You can get many colours)

Ruby (Red)

Diamond (White or coloured)

Emerald (Green)

Topaz (Light pink or yellow)

Morganite (Pretty pink colour)

Amethyst (Purple)

Tourmaline (Green, Red or Watermelon)

Spinel (Red)

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