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Cash in your ‘loft’

Are you clearing out a loft, a bottom drawer or garage? Do you need help to get cash?


Have you got many jobs you would like to do in the house but no money?


It might be time to sort out your cupboards and drawers


Do you want to declutter and get rid of stuff?


Have you inherited many items that you don’t want?


There are many kinds of collectables that are saleable. Paintings, porcelain, clocks, watches, jewellery, toys, gold, silver etc


We can appraise and value your items

Did you know that clutter and mental health are closely linked? When clutter begins to interfere with your everyday life and you experience feelings of dread, anxiety and heightened stress due to the junk in your home, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate how your cluttered home is impacting your mental health. 

Whether your bedroom is piled high with clothes and knick-knacks, or the cupboard under the stairs is fit to burst with items you can’t even recall, by taking control of the clutter in your home, you can lead a happier and healthier lifestyle and revel in lower levels of anxiety and stress. Does this resonate with you?

When decluttering, you’ll come across items you cherish, yet no longer serve a purpose.  While these items may or may not hold much value, you have an emotional attachment that often makes it difficult to let go. Whether it’s a gift, a toy, or even a souvenir, if you get this feeling from an item, add it in your sentimental pile. 

Before you declutter, consider what you can’t live without. Do you have a drawer full of old wires and mobile phones that you think you might need one day? Assess these items logically and only keep what you really need. 

While there are items you cannot live without, there are others you keep for comfort or luxury. If removing the clutter won’t affect your comfort, getting rid of such items could free up some space and help declutter your mind. 

To make the process easier, you may have to declutter one room at a time. You can start with your bedroom and pack everything you hardly use. Repeat the process in other rooms until you clear what you consider clutter. 

Start with the simple stuff. Some sentimental clutter is easier to let go of than others. Identify the items you consider easy to get rid of to decrease that overwhelming feeling, then you can deal with the rest one at a time. 


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