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3. Snakes and serpents

The serpent bracelet and necklace was designed to show a serpent coiled around the wrist or neck. Often the head is encrusted with diamonds, pearls or gemstones with ruby or diamond set eyes. Sometimes a heart-shaped pendant containing a lock of hair was suspended from the reptile’s mouth. In other examples the snake would have a gold-coiled body encrusted with turquoise, or just the head, which was a popular design.

A Victorian necklace composed of a snakehead clasp set with four cushion-shaped old brilliant cut diamonds and cabochon garnet eyes above gold foliate scrolling. The snake is holding a heart shaped locket in its mouth with a similar old cut diamond inset and beautiful scrolls, flowers and markings.

Approximate total diamond weight of 1 carat. The diamonds are in excellent condition and of good colour and clarity.

The snakes’ head is attached to an interwoven serpentine link back chain

Necklace length 43cm

Weight 37.6gm.

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