Very attractive aquamarine, sapphire and pink topaz necklace. Total sapphire weight 3.73cts. Topaz weight 6.05cts. Aquamarine calculated weight 3.93cts, based on estimated dimensions of 12.3 x 9.5 x 5.9mm. Length 42cm. 11.2gm. With fitted case.

Overall condition good. Minor surface scratches/wear in keeping with general age and wear.

Aquamarine, is a light greenish blue, with good clarity.

Topaz light pink, with slight window, good clarity.

Sapphire light blue, with slight purple overtones, fairly well saturated, with typical inclusions.

Clasp stamped 9ct.


arly 20th century aquamarine, sapphire and pink topaz gold necklace

SKU: 243807

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