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Why a second-hand buy is a first-class acquisition

58% know that buying second-hand furniture is greener than new

44% are more likely to buy second-hand now than 3 years ago

Reasons for buying second-hand

1. I like to find a bargain /save money

2. More environmentally friendly than buying new

3. The value of the craftsmanship

4. The quality of the materials

5. The uniqueness and they are not on every high street

6. Interest in the heritage and story of antique pieces

7. Vintage and antique pieces can hold their value. Some will increase.

A survey found that 18-25s are more likely to buy used clothes, jewellery and watches while 25-44 year olds are more likely to buy collectables and furniture second-hand than any other age group.

A report found that if all home furniture in the UK that is suitable for re-use was resold rather than discarded for buying new £2.37 billion would be saved each year.

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