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Trilogy rings

Symbolism of trilogy rings

The most succinct definition of the word 'trilogy' is a 'group of three'. Originally, the ‘three’ referred to three related literary works, either books or plays, but the word trilogy has now been combined with the word ‘ring’ in the jewellery world to represent a specific style of ring.

The trilogy ring is a three-stone ring consisting of diamonds, or two diamonds and a feature central gemstone.

143098 Emerald and diamonds

Often, the central stone of a trilogy ring will be a little larger, or set a little higher than the supporting stones. This is to show the importance of the present, reaffirming the significance of "we are in this moment together”.

The symbolism behind the trilogy ring appeals to today’s generation as it confirms that "you are my past, my present and my future” rather than the simpler sentiment of "I love you” offered at the turn of the century.

Although diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and durability of promises made to each other, the centre stone of a trilogy ring can be a completely different gemstone. This conveys a further feeling or emotion. For example, emeralds for faithfulness, sapphires for truth and peace, rubies for passion.

243406 ruby and diamonds

When the ring was given in a mature relationship, the centre stone defines commitment, and the supporting stones, trust and respect.

Christianity has an alternative meaning where the centre stone represents God as the hub and author of the relationship. The two side stones are the couple joined through their faith in God.


The engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring all signify particular moments or events in ones life. The versatile trilogy ring is often given as an engagement ring or as an alternative to the more conventional eternity ring. The trilogy ring is often used as a token of expression around a personal celebration or sentiment such as the birth of a child, or an anniversary.

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