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History of Archibald Knox

Updated: Jul 13

Born on the Isle of Man, Archibald Knox began working for Liberty in his twenties and many items produced featured symbols, curves, styled plants or flowers and symmetric ornaments.

Knox’s work for Liberty & Co. has been more recognised in recent years. In addition, items by the esteemed designer are increasingly popular.

Deemed a leading figure in the Modern Style movement, he has produced many famous pieces for Liberty. Moreover, Knox even designed the gravestone for the founder of Liberty, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, in 1917.

His mix of Celtic design with modern aesthetics ensured his designs were especially unique. As a result, various exhibitions have taken place in recent years which showcase Knox’s talents.

His work was also incredibly diverse. Throughout his career he designed everything from jewellery to wallpaper.

In the 1920s Knox taught art and produced material for various publications.

He passed away in 1933 and was buried on the Isle of Man.

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