Commission Sales


When you’ve got an antique or heirloom you want to sell, you can sell it to the trade, put in into auction or sell it yourself on eBay. We offer another opportunity – the Commission Sale.


This is how it works. We come and examine the items(s) you have for sale. We suggest a selling price and discuss any negotiation margin (i.e. you might be prepared to accept 10% less). We prepare a condition report, take photographs and put the item(s) on our website. We promote each new item through Instagram.




Each item is thoroughly checked (e.g. for gold quality or restoration work) before we agree a price and if we think some repairs would be cost effective, we will tell you. We can sometimes arrange repairs. You keep your antiques until they are sold, then we pay you and collect each item which we insure and dispatch. We keep a maximum of 15% of the selling price – there’s a sliding scale for high value items and a minimum charge of £25 for items less than £200.




How do you know the price we suggest is sensible? We monitor market trends and once we have identified any item, we will often be able to show you evidence of recent realised prices from the Internet. You could also test the market by taking any item to a dealer and seeing what you could get. If you need cash quickly, we sometimes buy antiques for cash and you’ll probably get about half of our suggested ‘retail’ selling price. We can buy items up to a value of £10,000 straight away.


If you are not happy with our valuation there is no charge, but you will have our details if you decide to change your mind. We pay for any credit card charges when someone purchases your antique with a credit card.


If it doesn’t sell?


And if it doesn’t sell? There’s no guarantee any item will sell. If it has a name – like Lalique or Liberty, then Search engines can find it and collectors will spot it. If it is unattributed, unmarked, out of fashion, or has faults, then that’s trickier. But all is not lost. Obviously, you can agree to reduce the price, but we can also put the item into an appropriate auction. Some items can sell well on eBay and we can put it on for you.


What do we sell?


Commission Sales suit smaller items such as silver, gold, jewellery, ceramics, glass and a wide range of collectables. We don’t handle things that ‘work’ like clocks, watches or guns. We will consider bulky items such as furniture and carpets in the context of an Estate Disposal or where you have to sell a large number of items – perhaps after a major downsizing, divorce, illness or bereavement. If we find that fabled Ming Vase or long-lost Turner oil, we’ll recommend you summon one of the top London Auction Houses

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